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The New Tech LTD has always worked in the field of innovative technologies: the three-dimensional modeling to structural calculations, from object-oriented programming to the application server for e-commerce thanks to founders’ academic and corporate training, by means of mechanical design and development software. The experience at managerial level has allowed us to acquire a methodology oriented to the Total Quality and management of working groups based on emotional intelligence.
For the Company, more and more present in national markets, the qualitative aspects are fundamental: to reach this goal, its policy aims at the maximizing quality and satisfaction of technical and customer requirements, related to performance, quality, reliability and safety and to staff management pointed at the satisfaction of the clients’ requirements. The latter has proved to be particularly important, and has led the Management to the priority goal of using an efficient and effective quality management system that is properly documented and implemented.
In this process the powerful management of all resources and values is crucial: it is the human dimension that makes the difference in a successful business. In every well trained person, the New Tech has a unique priceless assets, that capitalizes from year to year and in which the policy of Quality finds its ultimate expression.

The achievement of this policy is based on a business management system based on the following fundamental principles:
  • Develop and maintain a management system for quality as a means to achieve the goals, fulfill their commitments, promote the continuous improvement of the services offered and ensure the requirements respect.
  • Focus every activity on customer needs to satisfy him better and faster in order to assert a leadership position in the market
  • Spreading culture and appropriate methodologies in the organization, so that everyone who works is constantly able to deliver the best customer service expected
  • Ensure a high level of satisfaction of all employees by seeking the maximum loyalty and sense of responsibility
  • Encourage all the staff to fulfill their aptitudes, interests and talent and develop their technical and organizational skills
  • Ensure that all employees are working safely, in full compliance with applicable laws and corporate standards, assessing the risks.

In carrying out its mission, the New Tech LTD is committed to:
  • Towards customers, provide services in accordance with legal requirements and high quality, demonstrating transparency and reliability, ensuring the quality of service at competitive prices through analysis and cost control.
  • Towards employees, encourage the spirit of initiative, their professional growth, ensure fruitful and serene working relationships, provide a safe work environment in which everyone can be satisfied.
  • Towards ownership, promote the growth of the Company by ensuring adequate profitability and financial stability, essential elements for the success of the Quality Policy.

The Management of New Tech LTD is formally committed, through the appointment of the Head of Quality System, to conduct a systematic and documented review of the quality system in order to ensure its continuous suitability and effectiveness, in meeting the requirements of the reference standard whose application level will be measured in terms of number of non-conformities and customers’ complaints generated by the gap from these documents. The management will establish the value of these indicators (number, percent, repetitive anomalies costs, etc.) during the system review and will eventually decide to identify additional indicators.

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